Monterey Pop

Monterey Pop

All hand painted in nitrocellulose lacquer!  Not a crappy vinyl wrap or decals!  This is the real deal!  Based on the version John Mayer owns.  Usually ordered with clone pickups or Klein 65’s.

Like all of our guitars, there are several options that will fit many budgets!

Most orders are for standard olympic white as seen in most of the pictures below.  Mayer’s olympic white has faded in to a vintage white (slightly yellowed olympic white) see directly below:

Some orders are placed with blue graphics instead of green/teal so they’re customizable!

Inspired By Monterey Pop

Premium Edition Basic Edition
Premium Birdseye or Flame Maple Neck Rock Maple Neck
Dark Rosewood Fretboard Rosewood Fretboard
Pearloid or Clay Dots Pearloid or Clay Dots
Klein Epic ’65 Pickups CS69 Pickups