Black1 Clone Pickups

We are most known for our Black1 Clone pickups out there. These use the same magnets and wire as the originals. They have been designed to exacting standards to offer the same impedance, inductance, resistance and output as the real thing. Don’t be mistaken: these are not re-boxed or re-branded pickups, this is our own exclusive design that you can only find here.

Black1 Clone Pickups

$375 $325


Loaded Pickguard

Any pickguard with your favorite pickups.  Highest quality electronics with cloth insulated wire and shielded with copper foil tape.  We use high quality CTS pots and Oak Grigsby selector switches.

Black1 Clone Pickup upgrade now reduced to $200 (previously $250)!

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Starts at $275

Set of 6  elite gold pearloid tuners

These tuners are the real elusive highly sought after tuners that came on several high-end custom guitars.  These tuners come standard on our #1 First Wife tribute and our The Mayer Black1 tribute.

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Aged G&G Hardshell Case

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