Terms of Sale

Terms of Sale

You acknowledge that if you are purchasing a guitar it is in fact a fully functional replica and not a genuine Fender product. This site (mclguitars.com) is not affiliated with Fender Musical Instruments Corp or individual artists in any way. All hardware sold was purchased in new condition from a second hand dealer and if appropriate, aged by our employees.

All orders ship approximately 8 weeks of purchase.  Custom orders are usually 10-12 weeks or more depending on the build complexity and/or artwork.  Shipping times are approximated and not guaranteed.

Our guitars are custom-built items, so no refunds or returns can be accepted after a payment has been received. Payments are subject to the terms of PayPal’s User Agreement Section 13.3, which states that payments are not reimbursable for custom-built items.

All guitars are custom ordered to a specific individual.  No returns are accepted.

We sell distressed guitars.  Every single guitar we sell will show some signs of natural wear.

All guitars and hardware are fully functioning. Fender does not endorse our products. This site (mclguitars.com) does not sell Fender guitars and does not sell them as Fender guitars.

McLoughlin Guitars does not and will not use any Fender FMIC trademarks of any kind.  Please do not ask us to do so.

$75 worldwide shipping on guitars applies to all countries with a 108 ma USPS Priority Mail ship dimension.  If your country differs form a 108 max Priority Mail shipping size limit the $75 worldwide shipping may not apply.  i.e. Australia’s max size limit for USPS priority mail is 79 inches which is smaller than a guitar case so it would not apply.  Shipping to Australia has to be done by USPS express which costs a different amount than the said $75.

Due to new CITES restrictions on rosewood, any orders placed outside the United States for guitars that include rosewood will have the rosewood replaced with a suitable, high quality wood selection that is CITES compliant.