PRS Silver Sky Roxy Pink Black1 Refinish Professional SRV #1 Elite SRV #1 Elite SRV Early Era Montreaux Elite Black1 Black1 basic/standard/premium faded sonic blue elite Cypress Mica Black1 Mayer 1964 Inspired by Scott McKeon’s vintage sunburst Faded Firemist Silver Over Sunburst Elite black over sunburst – modified Sayce mother Gary Fiesta Red Phillip Sayce “Mother” Mayer 64 Gilmour 0001 hybrid Dark Blue Metallic HSS 1965 Lake Placid Blue with LP knobs Reverse 1962 Fiesta Red 1964 HSS Sunburst 1964 Flame Maple Red Tortoise Customer designed elite HSS mid 60’s sunburst 10th Anniversary Mary Kay Gold and Blonde ’51 no-bucker 1960 Sunburst Roger Waters inspired bass Vintage White HSS Elite Black1 in vintage sunburst 64/0001 Custom Doyle Bramhall ii/Gary Moore HSS Elite Ash Vintage Ultramodern Closet Classic 1960/64 Lang T Custom Sunburst Black1 Fiesta red with vintage style yellow sealer Silverback Faded shell pink Willie Nelson Trigger Aging Service Dys7opian Driftwood Driftwood Color Vintage Olympic White Heavy Checking Gebbie Vintage White Lake Placid Blue over Paisley Paisley Texas inspired SRV #1 First Wife SRV LENNY Gilmour Red w/EMG’s Rory Dweezil Zappa Frank Zappa Burned Hendrix guitar Gilmour Black wolfpack wimbledon white Southend Celebrity Green burst T Micawber Vince Gill 1953 Black1 “T” McLguitars CAB T sisters! AB S-T Hybrid Mayer Crash Custom Aged White1 Monterey Pop White1 KWS 1961 John Frusciante 1962 Clapton Brownie Aged Sonic Blue Hendrix Black Beauty Guatemala guitar 50’s pinstripe My personal guitar early era Spalted Flame maple on Pine Personal Guitar Later/Current era SRV Lake Placid Blue Brown SRV #1 Eye of the Tiger tobacco burst Black1 Reptile Green Prog Machine! Boba Fett Inspired by Lincoln Brewster 22 fret Beulah! Custom Color Cimmaron Red Hollywood Dirtbag! Aged 60’s olympic white/mint The Hitmaker Crown Royal guitar Casey James’ guitar! Daphne Blue w/ tortoise Woodstock Custom Black Bass Aged Cherry Sunburst Aged Tuxedo Gold SRV Inspired Aged 1968 HSH Sunburst! Mick Mars Sunburst HSH
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