Elite SRV #1

Elite SRV #1

NeckQuartersawn Maple
FretboardBrazilian Rosewood
PickupsKlein 59


Like what you see? Contact us at toomanypedals@hotmail.com to get a build started or talk about your own custom order.


Elite SRV!
This might be the most involved guitar available from us. Based off the mid-late 80’s era. Any era is available. This is about as close as it gets to playing the real thing!! The pictures speak for themselves thanks to Photography by Ian Eldridge but below is a spec list. Feel free to ask any questions you may have!

We will only be working on one of these at a time given the in depth nature of the build. So if you want one contact us early to get a good spot so you’re not waiting a year for one!

Demo is on YouTube if you want to see it early. I’ll be posting the demo here in a few days.

2 piece premium alder body
-raised distressed wood grain and battle damage!
-tremolo cavity plugged and filled for lefty tremolo
Aged 3 tone sunburst Nitrocellulose lacquer
Qsawn maple neck/Brazilian rosewood fretboard
-SRV asymmetrical chunky c
-9.5 radius
-6100 frets
-1.65 nut width
Klein epic 59 pickups
Mismatched nickel and gold hardware
-gold has less aging than the nickel
Black 3 ply pickguard
Full SRV setup
Ghs1300 strings
High action
High pickup height


SRV’s #1 work horse.  We can do any era of this guitar.  Montereaux, 1984 ACL, 1989 ACL, tribute version, etc.  We can even do a lightly aged version so you can make your own damage over time!  Usually Comes with gold hardware.  Remember, we can customize the guitar pretty much however you want!