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Here are some kind words from our customers:


I just wanted to say that the “Black1” you have built for me is absolutely stunning!  Visually, its a masterpiece that I could hang on the wall which I can display with pride but when you have it in your hands and start playing it, the experience just gets even better.  I’m still discovering the nuances and tonal properties of this instrument and it’s basically given me increased passion for playing.  Thank you very much for all your hard work on my guitar.  Your craftsmanship really shows and your attention to detail is simply on another level altogether.  I hope to place future orders with you for more awesome instruments.  This guitar will have a permanent spot in my collection.

Thank you very much!



Hey John,
Just received the guitar and played it for about a half an hour through both amps. Man, i have to tell you, this guitar is GREAT! Great workmanship and it feels perfect. It’s actually a bit lighter than my Relic which is light and the neck feels absolutely fantastic. I don’t think i could be more pleased with this guitar. Man, i have to tell you this guitar is going to be played and played……I am pretty sure it just moved into my “main axe” category, with the relic now moved to second. John, if there is anything i can do as far a review on your site, etc. please let me know. Or if you need me to post anywhere else. I may even do a video myself on the guitar and pickups…….Once again, i am really happy with the way this guitar looks, feels, plays, and sounds. I may not even have to tweak the setup….It feels that good. I am sure i will have a question or two and i will mail later, but until then thanks again. Very happy customer!

–All the Best, H. R. concerning his custom made SRV first wife


Man I can’t get over how well my new guitar plays and sounds! I mean it beats any American deluxe I’ve played and even a custom shop I played at a local guitar shop. And for me the pickups do overdrive wayyyyyyy better than the Texas specials on my American. Great job man!


Hello John,

today was the day!!!
I spend nearly half the day with Number One and this evening I had rehearsal with my ban and played it all the time!

This guitar is absolutely amazing! It feels perfect to my hands and it sounds awesome. I never played a guitar that sounds like this.
A real open and wide sound. It has bass tones that I never heard of a guitar without beeing too muddy and dark. A real fat and wooden tone.
Through my old Super Reverb it’s a killer! Wow!

I’m so happy with it and I thank you so very much that you made a dream come true! It is a player!!!!
I put the Number One on the stand next to my bed so when I wake up I see her;-)

Thank you John….

You German friend

I fall in love with this guitar the more I live with it. The other day I took it to my music conservatory and no teacher or student (take into account its full of gear heads) had anything to criticize, they were simply speechless. Two of my teachers evaluated it by assessing how much the wood resonated, playing it through a clean bass amp and testing its playability; all they could say was: “Wow, this is just like the pre cbs stuff!, congrats man”. Thanks John

“Matias regarding his customized black1”

John, There’s not much I want say.
I just wnat to tell you this is the best guitar I ever played.
And my waiting is worth.
Really thanks for your wonderful job.

Sid – Thailand

I got my guitar today and can’t put it down. It’s exactly what you said it would be and then some. Every detail we discussed is done perfectly and above all it plays AWESOME.
I want to thank you for taking the extra time on the phone to answer all of my questions and for always getting back to my emails quickly. You are a true professional.
Thanks for the great work and great guitar!
Best of luck to you,

-michael, regarding his Black1 with exclusive clone pickups and flame maple neck


“Incredible. A million thank yous man. Very in depth down to the last detail. I would(and will) recommend you to any guitarist I know. I was leaning towards a ts808 at first. BUT! I hadn’t even heard of the fulldrive. I’m rather young,16, and I’ll be sure to come to mclguitars for any tone and aging job first in my music playing life. You get tone man. Thanks again. I know it took a lot of time.”

-Josh Wannamaker regarding tone advice he received from us.

It came today – looks amazing!! I’ll be sure to refer you to anyone I know looking to buy a guitar.

-Brian, upon the arrival of his Black1 with exclusive clone pickups and flame maple neck

Hi John,

I just received my guitar and I absolutely love it. It plays amazing and you did an awesome job on the body work.
I can’t stop starting at it lol.
Thanks for taking the time to answer all my questions, and for being very helpful during the shipping process.
I wish you the best of luck,
Thanks again!

Carlo regarding his customized premium Black1

Hey John,

The guitar arrived to me today in England by way of Norway. I had to go back here before the guitar arrived at home, so I had my dad ship it over.
I’m lost for words. It’s perfect. Spot on what I wanted. I was impressed by the stunning work you did on “The Black One” model, but this is TOP OF THE LINE.

Thank you John, for making one of the finest guitars I’ve laid my hands on!
Hope we can do another project in the future!

All the best,
Trond – regarding his custom ordered Michael Landau tribute

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